Published - 2016

The goal is the industry's best data quality!

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Data quality is a complex character and at the same time a prerequisite for fast, efficient and accurate ordering. Particularly for this reason, data quality is to be taken very seriously. Triscan’s data quality has always been good, but the ultimate and ambitious goal for Triscan is to be proud owner of the best data quality.

To choose the correct spare part is not necessarily a simple action. It is probably very few mechanics and wholesellers who have not tried to be in a situation having to choose between several variants of e.g. a set of brake pads. In a hectic day, the solution to the problem is often a safe bet - that is an order of all alternatives. In the industry it is reported that more than 15% of all ordered items belong to this category.

It does not require much imagination to envisage how many resources that are unnecessarily spent on ordering, picking, shipping, returns, repackaging, etc. Is it really true that there is no solution to this problem? Unfortunately, the answer is YES, but fortunately there is very much that can be done to minimize the problem - and it all starts with the data quality.

Car model and OE database
One of the prerequisites for obtaining a high quality of data is correct and updated OE information. In 2010, Triscan implemented a new PDM system (Product Data Management) with access to the car manufacturers' OE catalogues. By this Triscan is secured up-to-date and detailed knowledge of the entire European car parc with correct OE-data and associated criteria on both brand new and changes in old car models. On the basis of this information between 2,000-3,000 new part numbers are created annually and added to the product program.

Filter function in Triweb
In situations where it is necessary to distinguish between several alternatives, it is usually one criterion that is the decisive factor. Although the criteria are normally specified in the product line of a specific product in most electronic catalogues, it can be rather difficult to get an overview when listing several different items. For this reason, Triscan’s e-commerce system, Triweb, has a special built-in "Filter" function, which helps to create an overview. When the "Filter" function is activated, a pop-up dialogue box where all the criteria are displayed is shown. After having checked the relevant criteria, only the specific alternative is shown.

Cross references
Another major factor is valid cross-references from the OE /own part numbers to alternative aftermarket suppliers. In 2011 Triscan’s IT department launched an internal project aimed to develop a system that as far as possible could automate this work. In 2014 the system was first put into use, and the results have been impressive. They succeeded in increasing both the number and quality of cross references considerably, while 70% of the work is now carried out automatically.

In some cases, a picture also helps to determine which of the offered alternatives is right. This applies, for example, for sensors, where the design of a connector can be decisive. Therefore pictures are attached of both the sensor and close up pictures of the connectors for Triscan’s sensors.

The efforts have paid off, but does not stop here
In a combination of more resources in the product and IT departments, streamlining workflows and heavy investment in IT we have managed to improve data quality. A visible proof of this is TecDoc's continued appointment of Triscan as TecDoc Certified Data Supplier. The outcome is cost-reducing improvements to benefit the environment, vehicle owners, workshops, wholesalers and Triscan. But the work does not stop here. Despite new initiatives, new technology and a product program that is continuously expanded and updated, the hunt for the industry's best data quality never stops - on the contrary - it intensifies.