Published - 2019

This is how we ensure a high order fill

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In the free aftermarket, Triscan has always been recognized for its high order fill, where we always strive to reach 97%. This does not happen by itself, but through the continuous development of our processes and investments in state-of-the-art IT systems. In this article, we want to give you an insight into how we ensure that you get your parts in time.


Our IT-setup to ensure a high order fill

Automated disposition and manual adjustment of the inventory
Assuring a high order fill starts in our purchasing department, where placing orders on brand new part numbers is a manual process. Based on experience and forecasts of our sales colleagues, a purchasing volume is estimated, whereby the associated uncertainties are of course considered. When reordering goods, the process looks very differently, since our purchasing department here uses the automatic disposition system Slim4. Slim4 automatically places orders on goods within defined limits based on historical data. To avoid back orders, we usually have several authorized manufacturers for each item number, which differ in delivery speed. In addition, when entering into new cooperation agreements, we adapt our purchasing and warehouse volume based on the sales figures of the customers.


Purchaser Ann Falck Schnoor - in the process of moving goods to automatic disposal in Slim4

Optimized workflow for incoming goods and storage
With the expansion of the new warehouse in Aarhus and the storage capacity in Iserlohn, we had the opportunity to redesign our workflow for incoming goods and storage. An exact coordination of deliveries between purchasing and logistics was established. Furthermore, the goods receipt now takes place in a separate area. In this way, the speed of entry of goods and thus the availability of customers has been improved significantly.

Automated order intake
We receive and process over 2,000 orders daily. Over 90% of orders placed through TriWeb, TecCom or our in-house web service are automatically processed by Axapta our ERP system and sent directly to Apport, our warehouse management system. Here incoming orders are handled intelligently as to prioritization and bulking with regard to shipping, before being sent to picking.    

More efficient order picking
Orders sent for picking are automatically distributed to and initiated by the hand-held scanners of our diligent logistics employees. The scanners have just been updated to support our new 5GHz wireless network, which ensures stable and fast communication. To make the order picking of small orders more efficient, we introduced the use of electric vehicles, which allowed us to further reduce the time required.


Our new 5Ghz Handscanner 

Effective transport of small orders with our new electric vans 

Faster shipping 
The workflow as it pertains to shipping has been optimized as well. In the new layout of our central warehouse, the dispatch area for both small and large orders have been moved and expanded. The actual shipping process is controlled by Consignor - which registers all carriers with whom we have agreements. In this way, we ensure that more than 90% of the orders we process on a working day are delivered by the next day at 07:00.  


The shipping process is handled by Consignor, which lists all our carriers

97% order fill
We do not always achieve our goals - but we promise to do our best to reach our own targets and, more importantly, our customers' expectations. By continuously and inexorably focusing and improving our processes and systems, we secure our common future.     

Average order fill in 2018, measured by Tagit - our business intelligence system