Published - 2017

With great pleasure…

Tech news

Starting in a new job at a new company is always accompanied by many expectations and ideas about the corporate culture that one will be part of in the future, as well as new colleagues and customers. It was no different for me on the 1st of May, when I got to take a seat in the "director’s chair" at Triscan. As the replacement of John Iversen, who was the driving force behind Triscan's great development for many years, I have some very large shoes to fill. I approach this task with great joy, but also with humility. 

Triscan CEO, Michael Juul Hansen

After 6 months in my new job I must say that it is a great pleasure to experience the drive and commitment of my 120 new colleagues. It's great to see the positive and dedicated approach everyone has to uncompromisingly servicing our many customers. Moreover, it is a pleasure to feel the corporate culture – Triscan's DNA – which is based on the most important thing – our customers – who form the basis of our existence and are our main focus.

Triscan is on an exciting journey and has managed to evolve and adapt to the industry as well as outside forces. The strategy has continuously been adapted and new concepts and complete product groups have been launched. In recent years, our wide range within sensors has rapidly grown to be a significant business area. Triscan's journey has also brought with it a steady expansion and revenue growth, today we deliver to more than 35 countries.

The development of our industry has for some time been marked by consolidations of wholesalers and other players throughout Europe. Mergers and acquisitions will remain a big part of the industry’s development. Simultaneously, digitization has become the focus in all areas of our industry. “Connected Cars, Autonomous Driving, Remote Diagnostics and Predictive Maintenance" are just a few of the new concepts that all links in the spare parts supply chain will have to adjust to. Furthermore, it appears that electric and hybrid cars will have their breakthrough in the next 5-7 years and will soon make up a significant part of newly registered cars. We will make sure that our new product launches, initiatives and investments will be based on these developments, so our solutions continue to add value and drive growth for our customers.

With solid sales growth in 2017 and a significant expansion of our warehouses in Denmark and Germany, Triscan has the right foundation to meet the future challenges of the industry. In 2018 we will extend our product range with new exciting product groups. Furthermore, we are working on other big projects for 2018, that we cannot yet reveal.

After six months on " the director’s chair" the biggest pleasure for me is that I have become part of this team. It is with humility that I am looking forward to participating in our further development together with my new colleagues and our clients.