Published - 2016

All brake components from a single supplier

Over the past few years’ expansion within the brake system parts programme, Triscan has almost become a OneStop shop within this area. With a coverage of the car parc of up to 97%, the garages are able to get the necessary spare parts for even the more rare cars.

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The expansion of Triscan’s programme of brake parts in recent years has been supplemented with wheel sensors / ABS sensors and wear indicators. "We have seen a very strong demand for new product groups within the brake system," says Steen Ray Pedersen, Sales and Marketing Director at Triscan and adds: "ABS sensors are taken in as part of our comprehensive sensor programme which both the Danish as well as foreign markets have received very well. For the wholesaler, this is an obvious upsell opportunity in an otherwise complex product group that has claimed several suppliers to obtain an adequate coverage. "

Triscan’s programme within brake discs are in a transition phase, where the majority of references within conventional uncoated brake discs have been phased out and replaced with the coated type. "The coating technology is now so widespread that the extra costs are affordable and this has had a natural impact on the demand in recent years. The advantage of using coated brake discs is obviously greatest when also using aluminum rims. With coated brake discs mounted on your car, you minimize the amount of corrosion on the brake disc, which by time can create rust film on the rims ", says Jørgen Grand, Product Director at Triscan. For the older part of the car parc, it will still only be possible to get uncoated brake discs.

With more than 2,800 references, Triscan has succeeded in occupying a sovereign 1st place in terms of coverage with its programme of brake hoses. "We are almost tempted to say: “if it exists, we have it!” says Steen Ray Pedersen, and adds: "The wholesaler who chooses to sell Triscan brake hoses, makes life incredibly easy for himself, does not have tosay no in regards to special requests from the garages and is able – at all times – to deliver spare parts in the usual high quality. "

But also even more special products will continuously find their way to Triscan’s programme of brake parts. The electrically operated hand brake system on Renault Grand Scenic (2003-2009) and Ford C-Max (2003-2007) often fails due to faulty cables. Until recently it has only been possible to repair the parking brake by replacing the complete unit (control box and cable) - example OE ref. 360101216R for Renault (price approximately € 558). As a result of this, Triscan has developed and manufactured the cables individually 8140 251201 (Renault) and 8140 161 189 (Ford), and thus repairs can be carried out at a much cheaper price.

Complete unit for Renault Grand Scenic - OE ref. 360101216R

Set of cables from Triscan – ref. 8140 251201

Another example is a clip for the handbrake cable on van models Boxer, Ducato and Jumper. The clip, which it is often necessary to replace when the hand brake cable is replaced, is sold as an original the part (PSA OE 4,341.14),at a cost far exceeding the value of the cable - and therefore makes a repair costly.

Triscan clips – ref. 8140B20

Triscan supplies, as the only one in the aftermarket, the clip as a single part at the affordable cost.