Published - 2019

Triscan helps wholesalers develop car repair shop managements systems! Why is that?

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The struggle for market share of the automotive aftermarket intensifies. Price, quality and delivery speed are very important parameters, but the ability to offer smart digital solutions - including car repair shop management systems, is getting more and more important. 

In collaboration with several whole-salers and an international network of experienced professionals with practical experience in the development of car repair shop management systems, we have developed a platform, which has internally been giving the name - TriSys. With this initiative, we, together with wholesalers and their car repair shop customers, want to secure market shares for the free aftermarket, which in more areas is under increasing pressure. This must be done by adding valuable services that create loyalty and profitability throughout the value chain. The goal is to create business for all parties by linking the car owners closer to the car repair shop, the repair shop closer to the wholesaler and the wholesaler closer to Triscan.

The TriSys platform is module based and customized to the requirements of each wholesaler. An example of this could be the development of modules for integration to catalogs, financial systems, etc. The possibilities for customization and the benefits of using the system for both you as a wholesaler, your car repair shop customers and the car owners are diverse and the most important ones are described in the following.


For you as a wholesaler​
You can have the system adapted to your individual needs and own modules developed. 

As previously mentioned, TriSys is our internal name on the system. However, as a wholesaler you have the option of naming the system yourself and having the colors of the user interface changed to suit the visual identity of your company. This has also been the case for the first customers using the TriSys platform. In addition to your own online catalog, other online catalogues can also be integrated directly into TriSys. For the spare parts and goods that are not covered by your service, the workshop can get their favorite online catalogs integrated into the system. 

For your car repair shop customers
With TriSys, your workshop customers can streamline their workplace management and customer management significantly. TriSys is modular and can be adapted to the wishes of the individual repair shop and expanded as new needs arise. In TriSys, which sets new standards for user-friendliness in the car repair shop management systems, everything has become much easier. 

This applies to planning, setting up customers and vehicles, but also quotes, creation of job cards and ordering of goods. For example, data on service intervals, estimated working hours required, parts needed and lube specification information are integrated.

TriSys is adapted to the workshop environ-ment and can be operated from both PC, tablet and smartphone, but also through large touch screens. Additionally, you also have the possibility of using the system's intelligent barcode reading.

In addition to the above, it is possible to manage your own stock, access online technical support, create a tire hotel, integrate to, com-municate to your customers using the SMS module, integrate an online service calculator/booking system on your home-page and integrate to your ERP-system. 

Very soon, TriSys will also include TriCon - an affordable connectivity/OBD dongle solution.  By means of TriCon the car repair shop will gain access to vehicle data, which are essential in ensuring reliable operation of customers' vehicles while avoiding unpleasant surprises. For example, the repair shop receives information about both current and pending errors, mileage, battery voltage, etc. With this information, the workshop can act proactively to offer troubleshooting, repair and service.  

For car owners
The advantages for car owners are especially related to the aforementioned TriCon/Connectivity solution. By providing the work-shop access to vehicle data, reliable operation is ensured through reminders on service inspections and notifications regarding imminent errors. Wholesalers in 3 countries are already utilizing TriSys and you will soon be able to read about the car repair shops' experiences with the system.

We have great expectations to TriSys, which we, in cooperation with our customers, continually develop and adapt to users' ideas and wishes for functionality and technological development. At the same time, it is our hope that, with this initiative, we can contribute forward to ensure, but also to gaining market shares to the free aftermarket with Triscan as a supplier.