Published - 2018

40% expansion of the central warehouse capacity

Tech news

Once again, the storage capacity of the central warehouse is exhausted, and we have now decided to use the last free space of our premises in Brabrand to add a 2,820 m2 warehouse at 12 meters altitude, which will be completed by the end of 2018.

It's not the first time we expand our facilities in Brabrand. The latest expansion of the storage capacity took place in 2011, where a 1,600 m2 and 10.5-meter-high warehouse was put into use and in 2016, the administration in Brabrand was expanded. "With this expansion we will have reached the spatial limits here in Brabrand. To work as logistically efficient as possible while simultaneously facilitating further growth we need to expand once again” says Logistics and IT Director Morten Hallum, and continues: "Overall, we have nearly 23,000 m2 of warehouse and administration when counting our departments in Glostrup and Iserlohn. “Because we are building at a height of 12 meters, the expansion allows us to provide additional 40% of storage capacity. 

Furthermore, we have expanded our capacity abroad as well. In 2016, the storage capacity in Germany almost tripled when the warehouse in Hagen was moved to new and larger premises in Iserlohn, near Dortmund. "The German market is our biggest growth market and continues to develop in a very positive direction. To meet our German customers' demand for high delivery capacity and delivery rate, we simply had to expand" says Sales and Marketing Director Steen Ray Pedersen, adding: "We have very quickly realized that the decision was the right one - and our new setup in Iserlohn performs beyond expectations".

Triscan CEO Michael Juul Hansen (former CEO at FTZ Autodele & Værktøj A/S), who replaced John Iversen at the post in May 2017, welcomes the development."Triscan is on an exciting journey and has managed to evolve and adapt to the industry as well as outside forces. With solid growth in sales and a significant expansion of our warehouses in Denmark and Germany, Triscan has the right foundation. With the aim of creating solutions which create added value and contribute to growth among our customers and ourselves, other big projects, that I can not reveal yet, will be launched in 2018. After 10 months in my new job I must say that it is a great pleasure to experience the drive and commitment of my 120 new colleagues. It is with humility that I am looking forward to participating in our further development together with our business partners".