Published - 2019

Complementary products: now part of product images

Tech news

At Triscan we strive to make life easier for our customers. That is why we generally supply complete products with all parts necessary for professional assembly. However, there are references whose additional items are so expensive that this is practically not sensible. In such cases, we make it clear in the product text that the given reference requires additional items. Now we start an additional initiative to avoid misunderstandings even more effectively.

When the additional items for the professional assembly of a product are expensive, the total price, obviously, would increase significantly. Thereby making price comparisons unreasonable , which would ultimately lead to the product being overlooked and details of the product to not even be considered.    

Without the necessary additional articles as well as the knowledge of their absence, mechanics run the risk to order articles that are competitively priced but don't include the necessary additional products. Thereby mechanics are forced to make additional orders, adding costs and delaying the repair-process. 

In many cases, the additional items are parts that require replacement for safety reasons. In the future, product photos of Triscan parts requiring additional items will be provided with a yellow warning triangle.

We hope to solve the challenge described above in a way that benefits all parties.